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Information concerning privacy, regarding personal data processing in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR in force since 25 May 2018

Company data
This site belongs to SOLCIO VILLAGE SRL - VIA AL CAMPEGGIO SNC -  28040 Lesa - Novara

Privacy Policy
No data collected by us is shared with others.
We are available for any doubt, request for verification or cancellation of data.

Who collects data
All emails, or data provided voluntarily by visitors, are received exclusively by the site owner

Responsible for conservation
Lucio Zucchetti - SOLCIO VILLAGE SRL

Data that can be collected
1. mail sent to
2. IP addresses (anonymous) that allow us to make browsing statistics or block unwanted access
3. any requests sent by the site visitor through a communication "form"

How they are collected
the data are collected via email or forms and are hosted internally in our company or on the Italian web farm
the statistical data used to monitor the use of the website are hosted on the Italian web farm or on companies that comply with the European privacy regulations

Because they are collected
1. to enable us to communicate and manage booking or availability requests
2. for security reasons, IP addresses not linked to personal data (to block unwanted access to the site)
3. for the visitor statistics on the pages of the site, IP addresses not linked to personal data

Data sharing
No data received from us is disclosed
No data is used for marketing.

User rights
The User may request the updating, integration, deletion of data collected, by sending an email to the data controller's address.

Information on cookies
Cookies are data saved in text form (example: "dataAccess = 2017-05-24,12: 00?) Used by the site that generated them to provide services related to navigation. This site does not use proprietary profiling cookies (those that serve, for example, to do marketing). This site can use technical cookies (necessary for normal web browsing) and, on some pages, external services that can make use of their own cookies:

Google Maps, widget used to show where we are

Google Analytics, used to get visitor statistics
The statistics are activated anonymously via 'anonymize_ip'

Google YouTube, a widget used to show videos - Videos are viewed without cookies using the "" option



Cookie management
The User is free to configure his browser to automatically accept or reject all cookies or to receive a warning on the screen of the transmission of each cookie and decide from time to time whether to accept it. The user can at any time revoke the consent to the use of cookies even using the specific functions of his browser.

How to disable cookies
In case you want to disable cookies from our website or any other site, you can use the configuration options of your web browser. To find out how to do this in each browser, follow these links:
– Browser Google Chrome click here.
– Browser Firefox click here.
– Browser Internet Explorer click here.
If you use a web browser different from those mentioned consult the documentation of the same to know how to delete cookies.


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Last update: 19/05/2018

Gestione dei cookie
L’Utente è libero di configurare il proprio browser per accettare o rifiutare automaticamente tutti i cookie o per ricevere sullo schermo un avviso della trasmissione di ciascun cookie e decidere di volta in volta se accettarlo. L’utente può revocare in qualsiasi momento il consenso all’uso di cookie anche utilizzando le specifiche funzioni del proprio browser.

Come disattivare i cookie
Nel caso in cui si vogliano disattivare i cookie del nostro sito web o di qualsiasi altro sito, potete usare le opzioni di configurazione del vostro browser web. Per sapere come farlo in ciascun browser seguite questi collegamenti:

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